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SSN is social friendship, no man is an island!
Hello from SSN,  a brand new site for the discriminating adult who wants more of everything in his/her life...more connection, More friends, More fun!  SSN is not your everyday life, this is your escape & your secret crave, so explore & enjoy, SSN is your doorway to private social connections online! Start making new friends with the people you mesh with.  Have some  fun, you'll begin to gather great friends &short or long term associations. 
BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!  Let SSN be your new adult playground~~enjoy, explore, create, play, meet your inner adventurer head on!  In real everyday life it’s not easy to be as open & free as we would like to be so become a member today, pay for your membership and you're in like Flynn!  We chose simple ways for you to pay for your membership. We don't want your credit card numbers, YOU can pay offsite on Paypal with an invoice & the link we'll send you, or pay from your bank to our email, or even snail mail cash or money order but that will delay you about 5 days. Let us know how you want to get your membership, email us @  
As a member of SSN: You'll be able to do a search, find members.... maybe even just down the street, you never know! :D  You can contact other members- including e-mail and Chat. You can post in the Forums- get in on the fun by interacting online. (& moving to n aoffline in person meeting if anyone's so inclined ;-0 As groups form, join them!  We think eventually there'll be hundreds of fun groups across the country to join & make new friends in. You can Find a Club.....As we grow we'll see clubs popping up, as well as groups, either way it's another great way to break the ice with others & meet here on the site.... & eventually meet offline in person.
You can Learn about Lifestyle Events and Travel. Later, you can watch for SSN special events, travel, & vacation opportunities at resorts and perhaps a cruise too....nothing beats partying with new friends in exotic locations, whether next door, another town or city, or another country!