SSN~ Private social friendship group
THIS IS A PRIVATE WEBSITE FOR ADULTS OVER AGE 45 & UP.   It is an adult social site and is privately owned. We have a combined 60+ years of lifestyle involvement on all layers, both as single people, & as a couple.
Due to the of Adult Nature of the website and the conversations, and members posted private pics,  PAID Private Membership is required for full access. It is not open to the general public!  **Membership is required due to legal rules in the state of California for events of this nature. Although we allow single males as members, numbers are kept low intentionally: All single male members must be referred by an active member or vetted by staff at previous non-play events to be considered for membership, and then on a trial basis with paid membership.**


 Become a member today and start interacting with others,
begin to explore, start creating your SPECIAL friendships and enjoy!  Meet your inner adventurer head on ...always on your terms & time frame!! Isn't it time to reach out & start making new friends!  


 1. If you fit all requirements for membership, apply by fully filling in your private PROFILE. Weill review it as soon as we can, usually within 24-48 hrs. Please don't leave blank spots on your profile, fill in EVERY section OR WE CAN'T APPROVE YOU.
 2. When approved, pay for your subscription within 3 days for your  24/7/365 full access.  Memberships will be on  recurring payment base, or as indicated.
3. You must be over age 45 if a couple or single lady, & MUST BE OVER AGE 44 IF A SINGLE MALE.  (NO MARRIED MEN) 



  • We do not condone, support or foster human trafficking, prostitution, or any other illegal activities, in any way, form or fashion!
  • Each person on this site is an adult who willingly joined and became a private member and are solely responsible for their interactions on and off this site.
  • This website is for private members only and contains adult material, all members and persons appearing on this site have represented to us that they are over 40 years of age or older. 
  • We do not conduct screening of members on any level other than minimum age & country of residence! 
  • Enter at your own risk. Do not give out your private info!  Do Due Diligence Before Meeting Someone In Person & ALWAYS TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU'RE GOING & WHO WITH, & EXPECTED TIME OF RETURN.
  • This is a private site, we reserve the right to deny membership without prejudice or explanation. 
_Membership level explained
MEMBERSHIP LEVELS EXPLAINED. - Standard level has NO ACCESS AT ALL. Essentially it's a placeholder until the account has been approved & paid for. If not approved and or not paid for, it is deleted. - GOLD LEVEL - Reserved for couples & single ladies. Recurring membership subscription must be kept current. Paypal, Square, or bank cashier's check accepted. - PLATINUM LEVEL FOR SINGLE MALES- We limit the number of single males joining for better balance. This is a reserved premium level for single males. Our couple & single ladies requested limiting the number of single males. Only first year is probationary. Apply for private membership 1. Fully fill in a profile today 2. Upon approval of profile, potential members muct obtain a current status by paying their private account. This is the only way to obtain total access to the site. **Remember, profiles must be totally filled in. All info you include could help someone decide to contact YOU** 3. After filling in your profile application completely email us @ FUNCOMPUTERGROUP@AOL.COM with the your prospective member profile name & let us know you are ready for review & also tell us what level membership you want...i.e. A couples, or a s/l or a s/m. 4. Upon approval we can send your Paypal or Square invoice to be paid within 4 days. If not, we delete & deny. 5. Once you've paid for your access, we open your account for full access to the site and you can add pics....XXX, G, R, Vanilla! 5. Have fun! Make friends! Explore!
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Hope everyone had some super holidays! :D NOW, It's time for a new year of possibilities and new friends!

* You must pay for your membership account immediately to remain onsite and get full access.
* We delete nonmembers each week.
* Come on and get in and full fill in your profile NOW. Be sure you fill in EVERY section! We will feature the best profiles!
... see more /> * Come on!~~get'er done ... You have to be in it to win it ;)
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