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SSN~ Private social friendship



We reserve the right to deny membership without prejudice or explanation. 
SSN is an escape & secret crave, definitely not our everyday lives!  Apply for membership today. Private membership can be your doorway to private social connections online with other adults! It's time to start making new friends with people you mesh with and have some fun as you begin to gather great friends for one meeting  or long term associations.  

Private membership has benefits!  Imagine a new adult playground in which you choose to enjoy, explore, create, play, & meet your inner adventurer head on...all on your terms and choice. Search for other members and connect online. Could there be someone close by or just down the never know! :D  Contact other members- including e-mail, chat too, & later on, view videos! Post in the Forums & get in on the fun by interacting online. Later, moving offline to in-person meetings if so inclined ;-0  Join groups as they form & make new friends. As we grow we'll see groups popping up, another great way to break the ice with others. Meet & make new friend here on the site, & eventually meet offline in person. Learn about Lifestyle Events & later watch for SSN special events, travel, & vacation opportunities at resorts and perhaps a cruise too....nothing beats partying with new friends in exotic locations, whether next door, another town or city, or another country. 

Choose your membership level & follow all  requirements to join:  
GOLD LEVEL  - is reserved for couples and single ladies.  
PLATINUM LEVEL - is reserved for single males only. We choose to limit single males, a 90 day membership is the same for couples, single males, & single ladies.   
FOUNDATION LEVEL - is reserved for exclusive VIP LEVEL.  VIPs are site ambassadors, to help promote this site, assist in bringing in new members, & member retention, as well as assist on event planning, & co-hosting events on occasion. VIP's have bragging rights & receive benefits no one else does. VIP is the high visibility level. Only 10 available.
 TITANIUM LEVEL - Prospective group owners must join at this level. All groups must follow guidelines & are overseen by the group owner as well as Admin. .  
To be considered for private membership: 
 -You must be over age 25 to apply & please understand only FULLY FILLED IN PROFILES, & PICS will be considered.  
 - Couples & single ladies may apply. a few single males may be considered. We don't discriminate against anyone but our aim is for a good balance between couples/single ladies/single males.  

- After submitting a fully filled in profile please email us for a profile check. If application is approved, at this time prospective members must cover their private membership level they've chosen within 3 days via PayPal.  Once we receive your account funds, we then can set your membership as active and it goes LIVE!  

Membership can be done fassssst! It all depends on how quickly you get in your FULL PROFILE, get approved and pay your membership.  We use PayPal as payment gateway, it's safe for all concerned!  Although we also have Square, we don’t want or need your credit card numbersIf you aren't familiar with how to use PayPal, we can send you a link to make it very simple to use.   :) 


Copyright © 2009- 2019 CastleEnt. All rights reserved.


Disclaimer: This website is private members only and contains adult material, all members and persons appearing on this site have contractually represented to us that they are 25 years of age or older.  SSN does not conduct  screening of potential members on any level other than minimum age and country.  We reserve the right to deny membership without prejudice or explanation. Do not give out your private info! Use due diligence before meeting others in person.

New adults only online private member social group.