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Exclusive to private members only. This private site is for online social interaction for ADULTS ONLY!  EVERYONE must Apply for private member by fully filling in a profile today.

Profiles must be totally filled in.....all that info you include could help someone decide to contact YOU :)  Apply by filling in profile application completely.  Email us FUNCOMPUTERGROUP@AOL.COM that you're ready for your profile to be reviewed and what level membership you chose. Upon approval of profile application you must then pay for your access according to the level you chose :) Once you've paid for your access, you can add pics....XXX, G, R, Vanilla!   Remember, private member access cannot happen to nonmembers. You'll want to pay for your membership to get full access.    

Available levels of membership:

  1. Couples or single ladies can join at GOLD level for one month, 6months, or one year. If you want to have a group you must join at TITANIUM level for one year.
  2. We do not want to be overloaded with single males! Single males over age 35 can join at PLATINUM level only.
  3. A premium  AMBASSADO/FOUNDATION level is available. This is a special level,  take advantage of A/F level benefits/privileges. 

 Remember, Private members make their own decisions on how to participate on, & off this site. This is an adult oriented private site & must be secured & kept private for members: Paid memberships are required: If you want to be a member you have to purchase a private membership. Non members have no access and are removed. Just choose the level & pay it today.

All members levels are on a recurring charge renewal basis on the term/level you chose until you change it.  All membership fees go to cover hosting, bandwidth,  & outreach for new members, etc, etc, etc. All prepaid event costs go to the event cost....simple! 

Come on an adult social connection journey on this site. YOU choose what you do, who you talk to and what happens next! :D  Become a paid member today. 

The fine print :)  - All members have verified they are over 21 years of age and joined this site of their own free will.   Each member is totally responsible for all their actions on and off this site.  We do not hook you up or anything like that, YOU choose what you do on this site as well as off!  JOIN AND ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!  :) WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS OR RESULT ON OR OFF THIS SITE!  We do not support or foster human trafficking, prostitution, or any other illegal activities in any way, form or fashion! Each person on this site is an adult and solely responsible for their interactions on and off this site! Do Due Diligence Before Meeting Someone In Person & ALWAYS TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING & WHO WITH.

New adults only online private member social group.